Real Low (B​-​sides)

by Nite Jewel

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"Real Low" is a collection of B-sides from Nite Jewel's critically acclaimed album "Real High" released in May 2017. "Real Low" features ten tracks of demos, alternate versions, and previously unheard material, exclusive to Bandcamp as she heads out on tour in the US and Europe for the summer.


released July 5, 2017

The Answer (Alternate Mix): written by NJ and produced and mixed together with Cole M. G. N. This version contains original elements from Ramona's demo, not featured on the album version, including the synth bass and and Prophet 08 pads.

So Sick (Unreleased): written by NJ and produced and mixed with Cole M. G. N. Originally a ballad called "Sick Of Me," which she performed on tour during 2013-2014, this song taps into feelings of a relationship that's soured. "You're so sick of me, coming round and never leaving. But I'm not tired of you, cuz you are lost and I like leading."

Take You Down (Demo): written by NJ, produced with Cole and featuring piano from Nicholas Krgovich. This song touches on themes of making a stamp on someone's life early on and their inability to move on from that impression. "You let my words take you down."

Obsession (Demo): written and produced by NJ, this is the first version of "Obsession," which is featured on both the "Real High" LP and "Obsession" EP.

Try & Try (Demo): written by NJ, produced with Cole M. G. N. This song was inspired by the idea of desperate attempts to garner attention, whether figuratively or literally. "I'll be a sport and I'll try and try, I'll follow around you awhile."

Never Show (Unreleased): written by NJ, produced and mixed with Cole M. G. N., and featuring cameos by Harland Burkhart (of the Samps) and Nicholas Krgovich. This sweet number features some string arrangements by Ramona, inspired by her concurrent work on a film soundtrack.

Without The One (Unreleased): written by NJ, produced with Cole M. G. N., and featuring Nicholas Krgovich. Without the One touches on themes of looking out for oneself at the expense of others. "You know the two of us can't exist without the one."

Show Me, Real Low, and How It Was all mastered by Johnny Jewel for the "Obsession" EP on Italians Do It Better. These are the exclusive digital versions.



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